Friday, March 6, 2009

it's a time for music

Top 5's for march '09

Song, Artist:

1. White Room - Cream
2. Girls - Death in Vegas
3.Dancing with myself - The Donnas (I know Billy Idol is the man, but i've got a raging fucking boner for girls in Rock n' Roll bands.)
4. Dubstep Showcase - Intex Systems
5. BAD - Michael Jackson


1. Lakai Fully Flared
2. Macaframa
3. Mean Girls
4. Circa It's time
5. Anything with pre-coke binge Lindsay Lohan


1. Friday night
2. Saturday night
3. Paddington Shane Cross skate gathering
4. Osaka port (People who know, know what I'm talking about)
5. Off the wall