Sunday, March 8, 2009

Monday mornings

One for people that 'blog' shit:

For fucksake, stop putting "....after the jump" in your initial paragraph. It sounds fucking ridiculous. You're not 'jumping' anywhere, you are clicking. It's more so correct to put "...hit read more to find out" or something. You sound stupid and I don't take you seriously. And alot of other writers agree with me.

Also, I'm going to Sydney & Adelaide soon. Am going to film a video part in a weekend in Sydney. If anyone is around, hit me up.

-pet peeveierros

Friday, March 6, 2009


it's a time for music

Top 5's for march '09

Song, Artist:

1. White Room - Cream
2. Girls - Death in Vegas
3.Dancing with myself - The Donnas (I know Billy Idol is the man, but i've got a raging fucking boner for girls in Rock n' Roll bands.)
4. Dubstep Showcase - Intex Systems
5. BAD - Michael Jackson


1. Lakai Fully Flared
2. Macaframa
3. Mean Girls
4. Circa It's time
5. Anything with pre-coke binge Lindsay Lohan


1. Friday night
2. Saturday night
3. Paddington Shane Cross skate gathering
4. Osaka port (People who know, know what I'm talking about)
5. Off the wall

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm enthralled by this site. a visual agency. their site is a pioneering point in web development really. Some real next-gen shit going on. Check out the Audi commercials especially.


Glenburn House

I like architecture, not as much of a vice as the day-to-day, but it's there, and I admire it when i can.

This, found on ArchDaily is a job done by Sean Godsell in Glenburn, Victoria. nestled into the surrounding hillside, gives pretty immense views. Thats not the cool part though, its the inlay details, like double glazing, rainwater harvesting and digital power management that make it kind of a cool three year project. If only they did houses like this in the city...

Also, go here for a f**king load of japanese/design fonts. been a source of mine for years only i've kind of kept it close to the chest, but I'm in a sharing mood, so take advantage of that shit.