Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ebisu matsuri

Watch this - immediately. It gives you a fair idea of this place, and culture. Produced by filmaker Rod Chong, I'll let his visuals do the talking. get a coke, or a smile, shut the fuck up and enjoy.

everyones at BDO, munting hard. Meanwhile, another JDM sponsored party next weekend - can't wait.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Bit going on recently, going worthwhile places with good people, good food and times. Not much i can put into text, but I can in photos... Some narratives on some recent ones.

Brett & I put the flares on his Feroza recently, not quite as aggressive as the slightly (lower) purple car positioned in front of it though. I like the additions - he doesn't. DOT does funny things to you when your wheels are 3/4 of a foot out of the guards... Ease up on the saltiness though, you're in danger of stealing my thunder here.

John @ AusZoku pasted his low-down club sticker on my dash recently. I'm down with John and his style so it's staying there.

Seeing the sticker gets me thinking - that's one cool thing about japan, is that the Tomodachi trade is a common thing amongst hashriya, sliding teams trading their stickers to their friends to wear on their cars as a sign of friendship/allegiance. It's a shame that having so many stickers on your car is a sign for the police to pull your car over for anal insertion of the batton into your 'criminal' arse though.

I think this sums up the JDM 'tight or bright pool-party' NYE pretty well. everyone had a good time and let alot of water out of the pool. We also witnessed some fine entries (and exits) from the overly large blow-up pool and carnage ensued every entry thats for sure, females nor opened drinks were sacred. At one point i recall a Tom B entry so vicious, 3-4 people at least were sent reeling and the outer floor was an inch deep with water... Aside from that, $250 cubans, skids, HI-VIS among more were other things to behold...

On a side note, this post lacks salt, so; ATTN: Females - please learn how to lie better. you make it too obvious, which removes my willingness to talk to you. Or is it just me being able to tell too easily? Some more obvious than others, but whatever.

Also, i drink every night. I'm still not sure if this is bad or not, which is why i'm just continuing with it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stayin' Alive

Haven't just too busy to get to a computer for long enough to update this. Mass picture updates soon.