Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October shit-list

1. People who stand too close behind me in queues and lineups -
Seriously, why the fuck? if i wanted to feel like i was in prison and one wrong move would get my ass violated, I'd go to prison. But I don't, so back the fuck off. You never know who has some weird fixation on invading personal space.

2. Hearing the same stories numerous times -
OK, you told me this morning, you told me last night. i don't need to hear how you got grilled and nailed your ex-girlfriend, I'll listen, but I really fucking don't care after the second time hearing it. I'm not a goldfish.

3. Those with bad breath and willingly know and accept it -
I know, this one is relatively un-escapable for some, but a pack of gum isn't even a dollar. ONE FUCKING DOLLAR. if you're too cheap to bother considering others and to allow your breath to smell like a trout lives in a toilet of coffee and smokes cigarettes all day, then don't open your mouth.

4. Shopping centre shoulder-barges -
One day I'll snap at one of these cunts and start throwing shit. Shit like whatever is heavy and not bolted down. At least excuse yourself.

5. Waiting in line behind indecisive people at the Ramen house -
Make up your mind already. I travel a half hour by bus to this ramen house situated in a damned alley, which is harsh enough, let alone having to stand behind you while you decide if you want the Kragore Don or the Pork Katsu curry, udon yakuniku or whatever.

6. Time wasters-
Some female culprits in here too, they know who they are because I've told them. Waste my time and You're not worth that time you're wasting, so fuck off into the sunset, my time is thin enough as it is without your blonde ass mooching it up.

7. People assuming I want a fork because I'm Caucasian.
I know how to use chopsticks, otherwise I wouldn't have come to your restaurant and ordered in Japanese for fucksake.


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Came across a little blog of an Australian ex-pat whos taken up life in japan which is titled NORIYARO. some nice shots about japan car life in there mostly. I'll be keeping my eyes on this one.

Check it out.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

auctions, powered by espresso.

I used to be a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado, but my interest dropped off over the last few months as the espresso machine at work broke down. Now that it's fixed and my caffeine addiction is in full swing again, equilibrium has been restored within the world, I think.

welcome back, old pal.

I've also been spending time cruising Yahoo! auctions JP whilst in my spare time, looking for any bargains on the jap shit. Anyone who knows anything worth knowing, knows to buy from there. It's cheaper than ebay, and the Japanese are far more efficient than americans when it comes to shipping parts safely and quickly. EMS defecates all over every postage system in the world. Why? Example:

-Found cams on a monday night
-Auction ended tuesday morning at 10am JPN time
-Paid for cams tuesday afternoon
-Items shipped tuesday night
-Box arrives at my door thursday at 9am

Then, sold the cams for twice the price I paid for them.

Easy - Fuck eBay.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Watch the fingers.

Indulged in quality time under and with the car and got some shit sorted, like:

-New engine mounts
-Exedy Brass button 5-puck clutch/pressure plate
-New 212mm flywheel
-Tom+Tony'swelder+rumcans brand 2-way LSD
-Diff oil hair gel
-Body Odour from above mentioned diff oil
-2am Skids

And modifications to come:

-1 piece tailshaft
-Rear tires
-Even more skids
-More rear tires again

Can you see the theme here?

Also a distinct lack of partying this weekend, much to the livers dismay. Much to make up for next time around.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Jobs, jams and jibber-jabber

first up, new vans/edwin/rittenhouse coming into my favourite homies underground lair - apartment, go and buy them. But leave me some black classics, in elevens. Or else.

New jobs coming up, including a couple of big ones. One for a Sydney clothing label as well, which will remain unnamed, but i'll post a snippet here soon.

LP website should be up within a month, been on that in the downtime. Alot of good plans will come to fruition with that one.

Bombing hills on big bikes one night this week. Whoever is keen, holla.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Cannon fodder, coming soon.

PS. Cranberry drink is the beverage of the summer. So far, it's 12:50am and I'm already sweating liquids to rival the grand rapids.

You're a target if you've got air-con.