Thursday, July 31, 2008

life without buildings - good little blog about modern architecture that i've been getting into.

and somewhere theres a pocket niche about inebriated people barfing onto fine architecture. somewhere. Sorry West End, i guess i took the sentiment 'painting the town red' that little bit too seriously. Fuck.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

shave your teeth

went for a skate tonight. bombed some hills and thought about shit, realized & re-evaluated where some things stand and decided my tolerance and patience regarding some subjects is heading downhill fast.

got a bit too bent sat-dee night, was too hungover to ride today - had a mighty vomit, which it's been awhile, reminding my liver to spurt hatred forth past my tonsils aint' easy work. but a deserving punishment.

monday ahoy!

ps. watch this space for a newly translucent candy-apple red suprise. guaranteed hotness.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


"how you know this media business shit? man - you're way more interesting now"

"oh why you gotta be talkin shit manda"

good moments, and notice the involuntary bowlcut in these images. involuntary is a marvellous word. blame it on my stylist.


burning braincells


is that the 'yokohama smoked bacon'? and secondly, do you guys do speedy delivery?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

pacheko & cardopusher

thought i'd have to include this as it hasn't left my playlist in weeks. it's legit. almost as motivating as the free bar tab at your  friends parties you only go to cause theres a free bar tab. and to check out their sister.

running time: 1:04:20

01. Cardopusher "Lacra" Dub
02. ABZ "Cylinder" Dub
03. 100Mado "Killer Dope" Dub
04. Pacheko & Cardopusher "Harp Shaped Box" Dub Bullet forthcoming
05. Cardopusher "Twins" Dub
06. Itchy Robot "Befuddled" Art Recordings forthcoming
07. Pacheko "Pasta De Coca" Dub
08. Cardopusher "Green Disorder" Dutty Artz forthcoming
09. Woogie "End Dub" Aufect Recordings
10. Cardopusher "Melody Moon Dub" Mashit forthcoming
11. Templer "Insanity" Dub
12. Cardopusher "Double Dragon Dub" Lodubs forthcoming
13. DZ "Old Timers" Dub
14. Pacheko "Ron Lacteo" Dub
15. Cardopusher "Homeless" Mashit forthcoming
16. Twisted "Prophecy" Dub Bullet forthcoming
17. Cardopusher "Low End Legacy" Murder Channel forthcoming
18. Pacheko & Cardopusher "Lemna" Art Recordings forthcoming
19. Pacheko "Done With The Zine" Murder Channel forthcoming
20. ABZ "Lose It" Dub
21. Goth Trad "Far East Assasin" Skud
22. Robbing Hood "How Cruel You Are" Dub
23. Ove Naxx "Palm Coming (Goth Trad Remix)" Fragment
24. Cardopusher "Gwar Skank" Murder Channel forthcoming
25. Jimmy Flamante "Little Things" Dub
26. Tranquera "Taka Fogo" Dub
27. Cardopusher "Warrior Locks" Dub
28. Pacheko "Green Bull" Dub
29. Twisted "Summer Vibes" Dub
30. Vista "Lounge Dub" 3.5 forthcoming

download here [ctrl + click > save / right click > save as]