Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"visual crack..."

"...for the ocular fiend" is the moniker for this one. consider it a imagery dumping ground of someone i have been told i've met, but the mind plays tricks on us substance abusers.


fixed gears can be found amongst racy polaroids, obscure literature references and other interesting shit.

dunno, just fucking look at it. no words so it aint all that hard to do so.

this blog is back, sort of. i've got time now being single and all. and i'll post whilst drunk as often as possible, which is most of the time anyways.

the outpost store's "I used to skate once" show is on this month, number 4 to be exact. June 26th 6:00pm till midnight - the Zoo in the valley. Go there. some sweaty guys will play music and people will drink, hobnob and look at skateboards stuck to the walls all night. aloha.