Monday, February 11, 2008

le tour (not de france)

I unfortunately missed the annual tour this year (The Tour defined as 10 days of heinously enjoyable liver abuse in and not confined to surfers paradise penthouses) which sucks.

But here's some snaps from a couple of years back. Circa 2005 i think? Oh shit. Zoo York tees, vodka in a can and potentially evil morning food binges.

I had a good portion of that drink spilt on my crotch. Hotels equipped with hair dryers = worthy.

3am or so. Pretty sure i've spent the prior two hours to this photo seeing double, triple and at perhaps one point i was convinced i saw a thrice-titted barmaid. Pretty sure I let her know my amazement in between tequilas, multiple times.

Pretty self explanatory really. MUNTED.

If this is the story of my youth - holy shit.

dubstep mix - numero uno

Theres such a site called right, where dubstep/bigbeat heads congregate and NOT talk shit, which is totally unlike the internet in every conceivable way possible. I feel the space time continum shifting right now just from mentioning it. I was watching a CNN segment about and I quote "Diminishing intelligence stems from the internet?" YES. One look at the comments on any video on YouTube will make you want to cut your cortial arteries out of your body to make sausages.


This is a mix, by dubstepforum member monkeyetek - i like it, so I'm passing on the goodwill. I'm forgetting his intentional (?) use of 'chunes' in place of 'tunes'. I'll let this one slip.



6Blocc; Creal (Los Bud 1207002))
Starkey; Dementia (Lo Dubs 1207001)
Solvent; Think Like Us (Bombaman Remix) (Lo Dubs SR-01)
6Blocc; Digits (Los Bud 1207002)
DZ feat. Awaken Lion; Chalice (dub)
Ekaj; Hibari (dub)
DZ; That Bongo Dub (dub)
South3rn; La Rana (Lo Dubs 1207003)
Shonkey; Warning (dub)
South3rn; Mangione Tribe Dub (Lo Dubs 1207003)
OSC; Burn Dem Up (dub)
South3rn; Fully Loaded (dub)
South3rn; Untitled Dub (dub)
Dial M; Shadows (dub)

DOWNLOAD: (right click > save as / ctrl + click if on mac)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bush - the alphamale of dickheads.

We all knew it was coming, he's pardoning wait for it... himself. Is that even legal?

This, the amero, whats next?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

those "moments of excitement"

this week enjoyed a nice mountain drive with a few like minded induviduals for a change on a late night, and ended up coagulating my 0-350deg range brake pads. No easy feat with the front end setup in the car right now. I'm looking at Z32 calipers & s14 rear calipers perhaps for porportioning reasons. it's on the cards at least, for now. Either that or choose earlier braking points.

not fucking cool, EBC green - le suck.

Took a ride in a R32 GTR, for the second time, this time was a little more hairy. I forgot how stable those cars are at speed - the unnamed driver describes his methods in his words "corner entry on engine brake, and foot to the firewall mid corner to exit"

and he did - balls.