Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another:inch 2nd anniversary

I've only met the 80's Redline-snatching-Ritchie a couple of times, both of which have been the de rigur of Sydney folks - fun. He's a funny guy. Alas, his shop An:other" is celebrating their 2nd anniversary on 20th December. if you're in Sydney - go down to Burton St and check it out, buy some shit you wont get anywhere else while you're there.

The last time Kate and I were in Burton St, a rowdy group of Sydney inner-city aboriginals managed to get the cops called while we were in the Feit shoebo...I mean store. Which was the span of about 3 minutes, which is probably the fastest Sydney metro police response time, ever.

Also, the Apartment guys continue to get the coolest shit in Brisbane, proving their true worth to this town! we don't see those guys enough. Thats for sure, and the new store in its previous life was a nightclub, apparently. That makes you want to dance up in there, they've got the space...

I'm feeling their girls selections, some good tees for the ladies in there.
Like this one:

Monday, December 10, 2007

slapboxin wit' all the young hoochies

"we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, its dark, and we're wearing sunglasses."

Sunday, December 2, 2007

american JDM fanboys - tirade alert - HIGH

Seldomly do I find such immense hilarity in such things as this comic strip, as I dont find the fact of silly fanboy Americans jumping on band wagons and inflating prices of Japanese car parts funny at all.

As a fact, I know that Americans bought all, yes, ALL the kouki Trueno bumpers in existence (in japan, was about 1200 that I'm aware of in 2001, after research) in six, (6), SIX MONTHS, after some dumb shit posted the Japanese part number on club4ag. (not club4ag's fault in anyway.) As a kouki Trueno owner, this disturbs me that if i bust a bumper, I'm pretty much fucked. [I'll also add i'd bust it track driving, not crushing it over the speedbumps from hanging out at best buy or whatever.]

I'm fucked because the only way to get another one in decent (read = poser spec/US fanboy spec, whatever) is to get one at grossly inflated prices from some takumi taxing idiot in the US, who couldn't hook up the leading lights, there's no foglights, or it's not the same as Takumi's.

Way to ruin it for the rest of the world, dickheads. YOU'RE NOT EVEN IN THE SAME HEMISPHERE, NOR DRIVE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD.

Wait, a long time ago, your country had an immense hatred, and subsequently attacked with a nuclear weapon, the country you're sucking the corn outta' the proverbial shit from. and now you're all wading in their faeces to get next in line for a busted Fujitsubo exhaust, or Grex parts? Hypocrites. They're so consumed by the urge, no, the compulsion to be on the 'cool' JDM bandwagon, they forget what the fuck they're doing to the rest of the world's car enthusiasts.

Basically, we are in the same hemisphere as Japan, and have very good relations with their economy. So why the fuck do we pay double (yes, thats taking the currency rates into consideration) the prices for parts?

I respect those few American enthusiasts that know the good products from the 'coolest' and make fast cars, not show ponies.

Mondays suck. I told you the tirade alert was high.